Image of the Week #377

There is not too many of these Images Of The Week where I had an invite to the wedding. Super sadly, I couldn’t make the date. I would have loved to have made it along to help Laura and Alex celebrate and to catch up with Brideen and Deci from Simple Tapestry. Instead, I stalked all their Insta Stories for the weekend and I was really looking forward to seeing the official images.

It was truly horrid weather that day and that is a huge challenge for any photographer. It is a testament to the skills that this duo have that they found something very close by that worked this well. If you didn’t know, you might think this is a chilled out destination wedding shot. It’s fantastic location scouting and an amazing example of making the best of any scenario. I’m still sad that I missed it!

Sony A7III | Sony 35mm 1.8 | f/1.8 | 1/100| ISO 1250


What Brideen and Deci Said…

“We love shooting weddings for other photographers. It’s a massive compliment to be asked and we always find it pushes us harder to be at our best. When fellow farmers and our BFFs, Laura and Alex from Inbetween Days, asked us to shoot their wedding in Brighton we had so many ideas and places in mind for photos.

Then, the weather happened. I mean, it wasn’t just rain but sideways rain and 60mph gales making it impossible to shoot portraits outside, even with umbrellas (RIP the several umbrellas who shall never return home).

This shot was taken out the back of Town Hall after the ceremony. It was the only (kinda) outdoors portrait location. We love a scuzzy background, but it has to be interesting. The hotel air vents and the two-tone wall gave us just that. And most importantly, it was undercover and close enough to walk (sprint?) to in the rain. The result is a simple shot that took a lot of work from us and the couple.

I love the serene calm that the girls put across, even though it was essentially a wind tunnel – the rain still blew in from the side despite it being covered. I think it’s the first time we’ve ever used ISO 1250, 1/100 and F1.8 outdoors at midday! Thank the camera gods for Sony IBIS.”