Image of the Week #376

Mark Pacura is one of the most talented but humble people in the industry. He is also one of the busiest, running the amazing Wooden Banana company, shooting destination weddings and co-hosting the Roadie Workshops with Cole Roberts. These workshops are aimed at the adventure seeking photographer who wants to add some spectacular locations to their portfolio.

If you ever get the chance to hang out with Mark, you will find out that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. His comments on this image made me laugh but I know that he shot it on one of the recent Roadie workshops. It’s one of those images that looks simple but there is plenty going on. First of all it is perfectly composed, the landscape is used to frame the couple, the darkness envelops them and makes them seem all the more luminous. They look at peace which contrasts with the hardness of the rocks, as does the softness of her gaze and the fabric of her gown. It’s a very pleasing image and it must have been an incredible workshop to attend. Get the chance to shoot with Mark at our next Scottish Shoot Day – you can find more details here.

Nikon D750 | Nikkor 85 1.8 | f/1.8 | 1/320| ISO 100

Mark Pacura ‘Magical Touch’ mixed with ‘Icelandic Landscape’

What Mark Said…

“I went to Iceland to photograph puffins, then one day I’ve accidentally bumped into this couple, sitting in a cave in Reykajnes, all dressed up and looking gorgeous. How random I thought. I waited few minutes to make sure they’re not some famous influencers taking a break from recording a TikTok dance. I didn’t want to spook them, just in case they were recording ‘live’. To sneak up as close as I could, I’ve used the same technique I’ve seen on David Attenborough’s shows, and took the shot with my 85mm ultrazoom. I’ve spent 30min in LR cloning out what looked like puffins’ discharge from the rocks, and added warm tones in LR to increase my chances of getting as many likes on IG as possible. Finally, to make the algorithm think it’s popular, I liked the image from all my other IG accounts as soon as I posted it. It did not work.