Image of the Week #375

This shot from the talented Cushla Marie was spotted and nominated by Katie Rogers. I am always grateful when Farmers put shots forward, I love that this means anyone can win – it’s not just down to my personal taste. The Bride Coming Down The Stairs is such a classic shot that all wedding photographers will take. I personally love doing them but very rarely do I feel that I nailed it. My best ones have involved a little bit of orchestration and this is why this is a terrific shot.

Cushla has thought about the environment, stepped back to get an overview and decided that a silhouette would be the most impactful option. It’s not often that we have stairs in front of glass so this was a smart move. The bride’s curves contrast nicely with all of those hard lines. As her dress is shorter, this shot is, as Cushla said, made by that dynamic step forward and being able to see that high heel. It’s a very well thought out and clever image.

Canon R6 | Canon 50mm 1.2 | f/2 | 1/1000 | ISO 320


What Cushla Said…

“Katy was getting ready in the gorgeous bridal suite of Channels estate and I’d been eyeing up this staircase all morning. I knew this staircase would make a gorgeous silhouette shot and I knew that Katy would get into her dress upstairs, and have to walk down once she was ready. So, I ran down before her and told her to walk down nice and slowly and to look straight ahead. When her foot popped out with each step, it sealed the deal and I got the perfect shot!