Image of the Week #374

A few weeks ago Hasselblad got in touch saying would I like to test out some kit. Errr, let me think about that for a second. Hell yes! They were originally going to just send the 907X which is more akin to my film Hasselblad that I’ve recently taken out of retirement to play with. If you’ve ever shot with one, its waist level viewfinder is incredibly satisfying. After chatting with them, Hasselblad decided to throw in the X1DII as well so I could compare the two. Although they are essentially the same camera, they sit very differently in your hands and I prefer having the additional grip on the X1DII although the 907X is a super fun camera.

Shooting medium format is always slower. Everything is bigger so it simply takes longer to focus and to register a file. I believe this is no bad thing. It gives you time to set intention with your frame and check that no element is superfluous.

This was a self-motivated shoot for my own portfolio while I still had the loaner cameras. Recently, I’m feeling nostalgic for travel and inspired by trips to Las Vegas, I thought, what can I create in my home town with a similar vibe? My model, Suzie was giving off Lan Del Ray vibes and I kept everything super simple and low key. I love shooting for my own portfolio, even when work is crazy busy. It always feels good to flex your creative muscles.

Hasselblad X1DII 50C | Hasselblad 45mm XCD 45P | f/4 | 1/20 | ISO 800

Jose Villa from DVLOP

What Lisa Said…

“Thanks so much to Cushla Marie Photography for nominating my shot for Image Of The Week. It’s always a huge honour to be chosen by one of the Farmers and also lovely that I won this with a Hasselblad and a totally self-motivated shoot. I will not lie, I’m chuffed to bits.