Image of the Week #373

What a fantastic bridal portrait from the lovely John Clark and it’s great to read his honesty about the concept. Our clients get exposed to so much imagery now that it’s only natural that some want an input on the ideas for their wedding images. This dress and veil combo does look incredible from this angle.

However, John hasn’t simply shot to his bride’s brief – he has taken her idea as a catalyst for creating a dynamic and well composed shot. I adore the tension in the arm that is gripping the bouquet whilst the other has a hold of the frock. These scenes before the big events on wedding days offer so much intrigue. The viewer of this image cannot see what the bride is walking towards but we can assume it’s her wedding ceremony. Although we cannot see her face, we can assume that she is nervous.

This is a fantastic composition and a well deserved winner.

Sony A9 | Sony 24mm 1.4 G-Master | f/3.5 | 1/250 | ISO 2500

Neil Redfern Preset Pack – with tweaks

What Luke Said…

I’d love to say this is a shot of Lesley as she left her room on her way to marry Drew… However I’ll be honest it doesn’t always happen like that! In fact I have to credit and thank Lesley the bride for the idea for this shot. Lesley got her stunning dress from halfpenny in London and had seen a photo from above on their instagram. I feel it’s always important to listen to clients and then add some of your own creativity. I was so excited to use my new 24mm, it allowed me to incorporate the banisters to create leading lines to Lesley. I wanted there to be some natural movement rather than a static shot on the stairs so fixed the veil before having Lesley walk down, you can see her shoes & that she’s holding the dress I feel this adds to the natural feel of the photo. With the A9 & 24 combo I rattled off about 40 shots as Lesley walked down which also helps nail that shot!