Image of the Week #371

It takes a lot to stand out on the old Instagram these days. It’s not so long ago that just posting something from camera rather than a phone was enough. Now it has to be really special to stop us in our tracks. This image from Lauren at LIT Photography over in Northern Ireland really jumped out for me this week.

I love how the couple are framed by the curtains, it adds a lot of drama to the scene. I like this formal posing, as Lauren says, it’s inspired by a time when subjects were forced to be still for long exposures as that was the capability of cameras at the time. Way back in Victorian times, a photographer might put the subjects into metal posing stands so that they could be as static as possible for many minutes.

We really are spoiled with modern cameras and what we can do. Like shoot into the light like this and then pull up detail in post production so that even the fine detail on this stunning dress is still perfectly visible. This is a classic Black and White portrait with a twist and Lauren has created something truly special for this couple.

Sony Alpha A7 III | Sigma 24mm 1.4 | f/1.4 | 1/320 | ISO 100

Archipelago Exfilm

What Lauren Said…

“It was absolutely pouring down when we arrived at the couple’s venue; Galgorm Castle, and I was actually quite pleased because it gave us an excuse to use the elegant inside which I thought really lent itself to their style. I’ve also been really inspired by older style imagery recently; the classic wedding photos of my grandparents and the older generation. So timeless and I wanted to create something like that. It took literally a minute to set up and shoot. I underexposed in camera and lifted shadows in post which was the only tweak to the Exfilm preset, my go to for black and white, which I think adds to how classic the image looks.