Image of the Week #369

Lisa is one of my longest standing photography girl crushes. She just has such an incredible eye. There is a nonchalance in her work as if she just caught a scene but of course that is actually achieved from careful orchestration.

She is excellent at getting her couples into the emotional space for photos and for letting the shots come to her. We often rush as wedding photographers, there’s always a pressing need to get done quickly so the couple can get back to the event. However taking your time, getting your composition right and letting the subjects settle is often a much better approach.

This shot is a masterclass in that and the result is elegant, fuss free and intriguing. I want to know what happens next and that is great storytelling wedding photography.

Sony Alpha A7 III | Sony 35mm 1.8 | f2 | 1/100 | ISO 1000


What Lisa Said…

“These two got married on one of the hottest days of the year, so we waited until later in the day to go off and do their portraits. After a scout around the venue earlier in the day I had planned a route that would avoid a lot of crowds and both give them a little space.

One of the last shots of the day was this.

We turned a corner and I noticed that shadows on the wall and knew I needed to incorporate them into a shoot. With all my shoots I like to start wide first to give the couple space, allow them to settle into the location and each other company without being in their face straight away.
After getting them into position, I walked away to find my spot and sort out my settings. As I turned around, I noticed them standing there, relaxed and unaware so I snapped this quickly.

Sometimes the little in between moments, the adjusting of the tie, the moving of a strand of hair, adjusting the dress, are the moments that make a photo.