Image of the Week #368

We are super lucky as wedding photographers that as soon as we start shooting weddings, we create a back catalogue – a body of work that we can utilise at any time. It doesn’t take long in this career to amass thousands of shots and they can be fantastic to fill any gaps in your social media posts.

It’s also good to revisit your older work. Being much more detached from them can make you look at images with a fresh eye and you can sometimes feel more satisfied with your work than your were at the time.

This is all just part of creative process. As wedding photographers we are usually looking forward. Trying to fill our diaries with the future bookings and planning new shots but I feel that looking back through your past work is good for your confidence and sense of self satisfaction.

So this shot from Joanna Bongard is interesting to me. She posted it recently but it was shot five years ago. The wedding was pivotal to her in how she was marketing to the right clients for her and seeing results. When many of us talk about our Ideal Clients it’s not usually about an aesthetic, it’s often about an attitude. What’s their attitude to weddings and to the photography? For me, I push to get clients that are invested in the photography and that will take some time out on the day for creative portraits.

What I love about this shot is how well it uses the room. It’s a busy visual space but the lines lead the eye to the couple and their quirky poses match the quirky interior. It’s fun, they look like fun and they look like they had fun creating this photo with Joanna.

Canon 5D Mark II | Canon 24-70mm f2.8L USM | f2.8 | 1/125 | ISO 320


What Joanna Said…

“This image is actually from way back in 2016! This was one of my very first game changer weddings when I actually found my ideal customer and everything just fell into place. It really changed how I saw my business going forward.

This photo is from that magical period of time straight after the ceremony. All their guests were moving from the Council Chamber down to the steps outside for confetti. On our way down to join them we stepped into the Corner Room which is this amazing restaurant in the hotel. The couple were on a high just after getting married and just kept posing and throwing shapes.

There are very few weddings which I would ever post photos from from this long ago but there’s something about this wedding I keep going back to and it really helped me book more of the weddings that I wanted going forward.”