Image of the Week #367

If every cloud has a silver lining then maybe one from the last year or so might be some of the changes to weddings. The outdoors first dance is potentially one of the new things that we are seeing here in the UK that I am a fan of.

This image from the wonderful Kat Hill shot at a recent London wedding is a gorgeous example of how you could create an impactful shot. As they are usually late in the day, they might be in super pretty light. This one has the added bonus of the lights from the O2.

Plus you can position yourself to include their guests. Their reactions add in a whole other level of engagement. I love how in this one, lots off them are using their phones to record the moment too. I always think about how images like this will be viewed in the future. If this was 15 years ago it would be all Nokias.

This shot is amazing because of the setting, the guest reactions and the couple’s embrace. They look totally lost in each other, it’s beautiful.

Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 35mm | f1.4 | 1/400 | ISO 2000


What Kat Said…

“The couple wanted guests to join in with the dancing at the end of their night so decided last minute to have their first dance outdoors (as per covid restrictions.”