Image of the Week #366

Many photographers come to us for training as they feel that they want help with ‘Posing Couples’. However, many couples do not even like the idea of posing. If I had £5 for every time someone told me that they ‘hate having their photograph taken’ I’d be fanning myself with money right now whilst asking my butler to turn up the AC in my mansion.

I’m simply not a huge fan of posing people, I much prefer to direct them. Directing gives them cues that allow them to forget the process of being photographed, in those moments they are more themselves and that’s what I am aiming to capture.

So it is no wonder that I was drawn to this adorable image by the wonderful Claire Fleck. Shot at a recent wedding in The Cotswolds, this couple’s personalities and unabashed joy radiate out of the frame. Sometimes it’s your role as their photographer to orchestrate these moments, to create them so that the couple can express how they are feeling. Claire’s simple prompt has sparked this shot but also her skills as a photographer mean that it is perfectly composed, it tells a story and it makes the most of the location and the uniqueness of the car.

It is one of those shots that makes you smile and I am sure the couple love it.

Nikon D810 | Nikkor 50mm 1.4 | f2.8 | 1/640 | ISO 31


What Claire Said…

“Charlie and Becca had already said they weren’t keen on super romantic couple shots because it just wasn’t them. We stopped the car on a country road (we chose a long, straight and quiet road so we could easily see any traffic coming) to get some drone footage and while we were waiting for the drone to be set up I got them to lean against the front of the car. We took some more serious shots and right before they got up to get back in the car I told then I was going to give them a countdown and after three they were to ‘celebrate’. This is what they did!”