Image of the Week #365

Do you have visions for where you want to take your wedding photography business? I’ve always had a vision statement with I revise each year as my business evolves. Maybe like Rebecca Carpenter, you have a vision board and use it to create visual references for your goals. It feels incredible when you can tick achievements off a business bucket list like this.

Rebecca knew that her couple had booked this venue for its photogenic gardens. The weather wasn’t ideal but she was certain that they would regret not making an iconic rowing boat shot. I love how this elevated angle eliminates anything distracting from the frame and just leaves us with the water and the couple in the boat. The focus then hones in on their romantic pose.

The tones are gorgeous on this image too. It all looks effortless but I saw the BTS stories on the day and it was very far from it. Congratulations to Rebecca for shooting at this dream venue and we very much look forward to seeing where she aims for next.

Sony A7III, 85MM 1.4 DG DN | SIGMA ART 020 | f1.4 | 1/6400 | ISO 125

RC Presets – Original Glazed

What Rebecca Said…

“Have you ever dreamed about something for years, and when it finally came it was even better than you imagined?! Well that happened to me last weekend!

Euridge Manor is famous for its iconic turquoise water and boat house. Couples book this venue for the endless photo opportunities and the little row boat is definitely ‘the shot’ everyone wants (photographers included)!

What was particularly special to me was that this wedding venue had been on my bucket list since I first started shooting weddings. It was on my list of goals and vision board for years and-after many postponements and the date changing for this couple 3 times- the day finally came!

Like any true British wedding, the weather was completely unpredictable and went from sunny to rain within hours. Yep, these boat shots were taken in the rain!!! But the couple trusted me and completely embraced it all. A massive element of our role as wedding photographers is making our couples feel at ease enough to trust us, to trust our vision and to trust the process. What they often see on Instagram is very, very different to the reality and I always manage this with their expectations. “It’ll be worth it, I promise!! I know you’re wet and rowing a boat in the rain right now but trust me, this is looking sick!!”

Despite it all, the couple braved the elements, rowed together in their wedding outfits and got the shot of their dreams.”