Image of the Week #361

It seems like suddenly my socials are full of photographers going ‘Back To Work’. I’m seeing lots of excited posts about first wedding of the year – it’s June, this is crazy. But it’s 2021 and Normal Rules Do Not Apply. It also would seem that the extended and enforced break has given many photographers time to have a creative reset and that they are coming back to weddings stronger and more creative than ever. One such photographer is Matt Parry. He’s no stranger to Image Of The Week and it’s great to see that he’s out shooting again.

What stood out to me about this image is Matt’s clever use of the venue. He has employed the seating to create leading lines to his subjects and made the best of the available lighting. It’s a very balanced image, it is quirky but not gimmicky. He’s also subtly enhanced the image in post production to elevate it some more and the result is something really arresting that this couple must have been delighted with.

Sony A7 III | Sony 24mm 1.4 GM | f1.4 | 1/200| ISO 3200


What MATT Said…

“First wedding in almost 6 months and first wedding of 2021……of course it was going to rain ALL DAY!!! Secretly I kinda like rain on a wedding day. It ups the energy and brings out the Bulldog spirit…it never has and never will ruin a wedding day so as a photographer you HAVE to embrace it.

Obviously, for portraits, it needs some prior planning. Soho Farmhouse is a pretty exclusive and varied place to shoot (kinda like Center Parcs for celebrities) and it doesn’t do many weddings so I hadn’t visited before. TBH I shoot few venues on a regular basis so having a new venue to shoot always excites me and as I don’t prior visit I always do a quick online recce ( not of other photographers work, but venue websites/google earth, etc)

This time my online recce showed me an onsite Cinema so when chatting with the bride the week of the wedding we discussed a wet weather plan and agreed she would chat with the events manager and find out potential access for the cinema. We got the green light and a 1 hour window of access which coincided with drinks reception….BOOM!

I have shot in cinemas before. I’m a fan of lines and symmetry and something a bit less obvious so they tick boxes for me and my style..HOWEVER the lights usually pants but in this instance, those little table lamps made it sooooo much easier, and apart from a little bump in the ISO and a few tweaks and removal of distractions in post it was a pretty easy shot to create.

I call this way of posing my cake topper shot..and I find telling my couples “let’s do a cake topper” transfers well and is a good starting point….they just seem to get it. Then it’s all about the framing (my couples get told to shuffle a lot so I can frame them in frames) and dresses with pockets are a Flippin DREAM……and as long as the groom has something to do with his hands then jobs a good ‘un.”