Image of the Week #358

You are never far from the coast in the UK, we are so lucky to have such a huge amount of access to it. I’ve just returned from a super relaxing mini break at a beach house in Kent and now I am wondering, how I can manifest getting my very own beach house? That could happen, right?

There is just something so magical about the seaside, it’s wonderfully relaxing but also always quirky. So it’s very fitting that this week’s Image of the Week is from a beach. How adorable is this little beach hut? I love that Clarke Joss has shot it from the back and included the water. It’s a wonderful colour palette and the hut frames them so well. I adore the central composition, the portrait format and the low depth of field. If Wes Anderson made a film about a wedding on a Scottish beach, this might be a still!

Let’s see what Clarke had to say about capturing this shot below…

Canon 5D Mk IV | Canon 85mm 1.4 | f1.4 | 1/400| ISO 500


What Clarke Said…

“We were coming to the end of an elopement near Forres and we wanted to get some last shots on Findhorn beach to which I’d never been. Time wasn’t on our side for light, so we raced there and of course I ran out of petrol halfway, but we made it on time thankfully. We parked up and as soon as we crossed the dune to reveal the beach we spotted the huts and I was instantly drawn to them. We didn’t have much time at all but we managed to get a good variety and I’m now super keen to get back and shoot there again!”