Image of the Week #352

Is it just me or are there suddenly so many model couples on Instagram right now? It’s no bad thing, I think it’s giving a fresh income stream to some and it’s pushing creativity for many across the industry. Don’t think that these couples are just for workshops or Shoot Days, many will happily work with an individual photographer as well. You will have to pay them but think of it as an investment in marketing. You could team up with some others in your industry who want to get some new content and see if they’d like to split costs or get together with a photographer pal and both shoot. This works so well and makes the most of the time.

This is what Corinne Moffat did with fellow Farmer Meggy Mac, and they approached free spirited couple Silke and Keiran to model for their styled elopement shoot on The Isle Of Arran.

This makes my heart sing – with our Shoot Days I very much want to encourage the people who attend to go off and create their own shoots. Doing it with another photographer is a fun idea and makes it less pressure. What I love about this particular image is that it uses the landscape in an unexpected way. Their bodies mirror the skyline to some extent which makes it a very considered composition. Corinne also sent me a version of this where they had stripped off – I did say free-spirited right?

Let’s see what Corinne had to say about capturing this shot below…

Canon 5d Mark IV | Canon 35mm 1.4L | f1.6 | 1/800 | ISO 200

Rebecca Carpenter Presets – Lusty Glaze

What Corinne had to say…

“This shot is something I’ve had in mind to try for a while – I had originally pictured their faces to be side on with their noses touching but when they lay down, Silke started playing with Kieran’s hair and it was even better that what I had envisioned! It was this natural, playful element that made the images so special and I particularly love this image of Silke looking directly into the lens. There’s just something so raw and unfiltered about it, which is in keeping with the rugged backdrop of beautiful Arran.”