Image of the Week #350

Micro weddings were a thing even before COVID, we just didn’t have a name for them then. Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of short and sweet coverage so I’m not mad about this new trend. I have been pushing them on my socials and created a special section on my website to promote them.

Some of the images I’m using are from recent weddings but some are ones that I have dug out from past years. Remember ‘Show What You Want To Shoot‘. This is exactly what the brilliant Emma Kenny has done here. Shot in the summer of 2019 in Dublin, Emma recently posted this shot on her Instagram as an excuse to talk about this small wedding.

To me, this shot is outstanding for so many reasons. It’s packed full of atmosphere thanks to being shot at night, you can almost hear the buzz of the packed street as revellers move around the couple. I love how oblivious everyone is to them and they are having this big romantic moment as the world carries on regardless. The people all merge into the scene like bit players walking around the lead actors who are bathed in the spotlight.

It reminds me of Robert Doisneau’s Le Baiser de l’hôtel de Ville, also known as The Kiss. A couple embrace in the street – static in amongst the everyday activity of others. Let’s see what Emma had to say about this shot below.

Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon 35mm 1.4L| f2.2 | 1/250| ISO 8000


What Emma Said…

“David and Anne chose to have a secret wedding, with 14 of their very closest family and friends in on the planning for months. They celebrated their wedding day intimately, with no shortage of champagne, at the world-class Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin City Centre. Instead of a traditional wedding evening do, David and Anne did a quick outfit change and painted the town red, dancing and drinking through the bars and pubs of Temple Bar in the city as their wedding after party. I love how it shows the hustle and bustle of the Dublin nightlife but with a little bit of magic at the centre, the surroundings unaware of the fairytale that had just unfolded that day for these two lovebirds.”