Farmers Image of the Week #348

Weddings are not totally banned everywhere in the UK currently. Over in Northern Ireland, small celebrations can happen and we are started to see some wonderful images from these 2021 weddings.

The couples getting married now, have an energy and resilience that allows them to focus on what really matters on a wedding day, the marriage part and their love for each other. It’s truly incredible to see that in images. The strength and the connection that they feel for each other. This is one of those images. Shot on the coast of Northern Ireland by local photographer Tiffany Gage.

The image has a dynamic feel thanks to the wind whipping up around the bride and her amazing dress. I love that Tiffany shot this portrait so that although they are part of the setting, it doesn’t overpower their pose. Let’s see what Tiffany had to say about this shot below…

Sony a7III | Zeiss 35mm 1.4 | f1.4 | 1/500| ISO 200



“After months of postponements and weddings cancelled in Northern Ireland, I was absolutely thrilled this couple were going ahead with small numbers (no evening receptions were allowed at the time). They just wanted to get married, not going another day without the person they loved! This year has been a rollercoaster for photographers and of course our brides too. So when you get to provide an image like this, it just makes it worth it… I love to capture the Northern Irish ‘energy’ that the elements bring every time I shoot outdoors.

After an hour of driving in the ‘lashing’ rain, following the wedding car form the church to Murlough National Nature Reserve, near the misty Mourne Mountains, we were ready to stretch our legs and wave bye to the rain. And we did. The rain left the second we arrived! This lovely bride and groom went on a walk with me while the family were setting up al fresco picnic in their wellies, coats and beautiful dresses/suits. There was such a lovely atmosphere, and relief that the weather had changed. There were smiles everywhere, it was amazing. The sun was setting, and the sky still blue and dark, so time was of the essence.

As we approached the beach edge there was a natural path in the sand leading us there. I thought it would be nice framing having the dunes on each side, making the eye focus on the couple. I clicked my burst mode on and took a series of images so I could choose later the one that had lovely dress movement. Because that dress deserved to be showcased!! We set her bouquet down, I told the groom to pull her in tight and to softly move while holding each other. They had lovely chemistry as a couple which was amazing, and I think this moment is so sweet.

The thing I love most about this image is what it shows. They simply wanted to marry, and start their lives together no matter what the restrictions… and here they are; married, together, and holding each other.”