With everything that has happened over the last year, I often think about the couples that had these big dreams for the big days. Many will be holding out for those plans to still happen, and your coming year might be a strange transitional one, potentially fulfilling those bookings or moving them again. But also there are couples who just think screw it, let’s just get married and get on with life.

I feel for all of them – this should be a fun time in their lives but I also believe that they can still have an incredible experience. That is exactly what this couple chose to do, switching from planning a big old shindig to having an intimate elopement with the brilliant Scottish Photographer Andrew Rae.

It’s adorable that the bride still wore her big frock and the mud on that hem just makes it look even more spectacular. Andrew has portrayed a genuine sense of adventure by shooting from behind them – there is a ‘follow us’ sense to the positioning as if they are starting out on a wonderful adventure. Couple that with the Scottish landscape looking all epic, this is a truly In-Yer-Face-Covid moment.

Read Andrew’s take on this shot below … 

Nikon D780 | Nikon 28mm 1.4 | f2.5 | 1/1000 | ISO 125


What Andrew Said…

Steph & Nicks big wedding plans were Covid cancelled. They saw it as a blessing in disguise and decided to have intimate elopement-style wedding on the Isle of Skye. Steph said that she had a “massively over the top dress as a leftover from the big wedding plans, which I am hoping will look romantic and cool on the Quiraing, rather than silly.” How right she was. She looked incredible.

They had a nice relaxed breakfast, got ready at their hotel and headed off for wonderfully personal and intimate ceremony. After we spent some time adventuring they headed back to the hotel for board games, wine and cheese. Very chilled!