Social media is for your hero shots right? Could you be missing a trick? Yes I agree that social media should be about showing off your skills and what you are best at but we are not hired just to take one type of shot, as wedding photographers we have to be all rounders. Story telling shots, staged portraits, family groups, details etc, etc. So I think you should be posting a variety of images to show all your strengths and to direct people to your blog where you can really show how versatile you are.

And it is on his blog that I found this stunning image from Neil Thomas Douglas. He is such a busy photographer so it is no surprise that he is not exactly a prolific blogger, which is a shame as this post is beautiful and shows that Neil is brilliant at Bridal Prep. I could be wrong but I think this is the one area that brides needs reassurance with when they book a male wedding photographer. Neil needs to show this kind of shot off more and more blog posts too please!