How To Create Cinematic Beach Wedding Portraits – Image of the Week #445

Are you ready for a cinematic beach wedding portrait with this stunning Image Of The Week, brought to you by the talented Amber at Pink Wave Photography and nominated by the ever-insightful Rebecca Carpenter.

This feels like a scene straight out of a movie, and there’s a reason for that. A filmmaker played a part in selecting the perfect location and crafting the setup.

The composition is intriguing – the subjects are both separated and turned away from the camera, creating a sense of longing. It leaves us curious about the unfolding story and strikes a chord of contemplation.

Beyond the storytelling, this photo does not neglect the fashion photography element. The bride, elevated on that rocky perch, allows her gown to be displayed in all its glory.

Now, here’s a little insider tip: while this shot turned out to be pure magic, getting to the location sounds challenging. Always remember to check tide times when using remote beach locations; they can turn treacherous in a very short space of time.

Nikon D750 | Sigma Art 35mm
ISO 320 | F/6.3 | 1/1000
Kayleigh Taylor – Soft Warm

an image of a couple stood apart on rocks in front of the sea. they are turned away from the camera and the train of her wedding dress drapes over one rock. there is a pink hue to the air and the pale turquoise wave is about to break. to illustrate the article how to create a cinematic beach wedding portrait

What Amber said…

“Josh & Suze came to Cornwall from Yorkshire for their gorgeous coastal wedding. The venue, Beacon Crag, is essentially on a clifftop looking over Porthleven that is famous for huge waves. There is a tight coastal path from the cliff top that leads down to a lower cliff edge where waves crash over.

I was with a videographer (I Do Film Weddings) who convinced us all that we had to go down there, even though I was absolutely low-key shitting it that the couple would be hit by the waves and it would all turn into an RNLI rescue situation!! You always hear about tourists coming down to Cornwall and getting into these situations. If you are from a coastal town, you will get it haha.

But anyway it was all fine (everybody was deffo safe!) and I am so glad we took the risk because the photos from going down there are absolutely out of this world and have made that particular wedding gallery.”

The Tech Talk

“I took two cameras on my harness through a thistly path with holes and drops. On reflection, I think sometimes it’s worth ditching the gear and just taking one camera.”