How To Create A Trick Reflection In Photoshop – Image of the Week #401

This isn’t our first Image Of The Week from one of Way Up North‘s workshops. They are always in incredible settings and I love seeing our photographers going off on adventures, embracing the elements, and shooting in some of Europe’s most dramatic landscapes. All from the comfort of my cosy warm house mind you!

This particular scene is stunning and I’m sure the image had a lot of impact without the additional work in photoshop. However, Radek from Photomagician wanted to elevate this to another level and so thought to duplicate and reverse the picture into what at first looks like a reflection. The fact that in this composition, the subjects reflect not themselves but each other gives this shot a whimsical, fairytale feeling.

It’s brought an enhanced vision and also added a playful element that results in an impactful shot that isn’t just recording what was there at the time.

Nikon D750 | Sigma Art 35mm F1.4 DG HSM | f/5.6 | 1/1250| ISO 200

Amended Yugen preset from Rafal Bojar’s Hero Set

What Radek Said…

“I shot this picture in Iceland while on a model photoshoot with the guys from Way Up North.

We stopped by this lonely hut in the hills. I loved the geometry in the series of horizontal shots I took just before leaving. On the way to the hotel I had an idea of turning the horizontal frame into vertical and playing with reflections so I tested it out on my iPhone. I loved the effect and so got to work in Photoshop to create the picture you see above.

Purists will always complain that there is no place for graphic design in the creative workflow of wedding photographers. I disagree. The dilemma is not whether to use Photoshop at all but to what degree can it be used without making it blatantly obvious that the picture did not come out of the camera in its final form. I love experimenting with subtle trickery. After all, my brand stems from the days when I worked as an entertainer!”