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Goal Setting

Your journey will always be harder if you do not know your destination. So let’s figure out where that is for you.

Your Goals for the Next 12 Months

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Use this form to record your ambitions, desires, and goals for your business for the next year.

In exactly one year I will email them to you so that you can track your progress. Trust me, it really helps to write these ideas down. Your future self will thank you.

Tell me your goals, hopes or dreams for the year ahead. What ambitions do you have? Is it to book a certain number of weddings or generate a certain income? Maybe it’s to go full time or maybe you want to realign your business to get more bookings that feel ideal for you?

What does your dream photography business look like in exactly 12 months from now?


My Tips

  • Visualise yourself in a year’s time, sitting with your ideal photography business. What has changed from now to then?


  • They can be super practical, like I want to have earned £xxx from my photography or booked xx weddings or they can be more aspirational, like I want to be known within the industry or I want clients to seek me out instead of the other way round.


  • Dream big, any goals that are not achieved can always be carried over to the next year. The point is to give yourself focus and something to work towards.


  • Write them as if they’ve happened. Instead of “I want to book my dream clients” say ” I have booked my dream clients”

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