Game Changer: The Kitcheners

Every wedding photographer has one special image that has defined their careers and Lisa set out to ask a selection of those who have most influenced her to nominate their stand out shots for her monthly column in Professional Photo Magazine. This week, she talks to The Kitcheners.

The Kitcheners pick out the one image that they feel was their Game Changer

Next up on my list of noteable photographers to contact for my Game Changers series was The Kitcheners. Scottish based couple Dylan and Joanna have been photographing weddings and elopements for a decade now, after their shared interest in the great outdoors and adventure made their paths cross in Australia eleven years ago. Their passion for real emotion and honest moments led them to photographing weddings while they were searching high and low for a creative outlet that made their hearts race.

If you’re one half of a photographer couple, you no doubt have The Kitcheners to thank. It takes a special sort of relationship to be able to work together so closely, and a partnership like this one has paved the way for many other spouses to join forces. Let’s see what they had to say about the image that they chose for their Game Changer below.

Isle of Skye Elopement

What The Kitcheners Said…

“This was a moment that we’ll remember forever and we can still picture it vividly in our minds. We’d hiked up a mountain in Transylvania and reached the peak just as the sun was beginning to set behind the mountains. At that exact moment a cloud of fog rolled in and for ten very short minutes we experienced the most beautiful light we’ve ever photographed in. It’s experiences like this one that remind us how lucky we are to be documenting weddings for a living.”

The Kitcheners