Game Changer: Nirav Patel

Every wedding photographer has one special image that has defined their careers and Lisa set out to ask a selection of those who have most influenced her to nominate their stand out shots for her monthly column in Professional Photo Magazine.

Nirav Patel picks out the one image that he feels was his Game Changer

I love to celebrate new photographers, and those on the way up, whilst also being aware that nothing happens in isolation. When Professional Photo Magazine asked me to contribute to a special on wedding photography, I knew I wanted to highlight some of the photographers that have, in my opinion, had the biggest impact on wedding photography. 

We have much to be grateful for with everyone on my list. They have opened doors, paved ways, and if you ever see any of them IRL, please buy them a drink and say thank you.

I thought it would be interesting to contact some of those on my list and to ask each of them to come back with a single image of theirs that they feel was a GAME CHANGER for them and to tell me the reason why. I adore hearing the stories behind images and so I want to make this a new series for us. 

Let’s start with the phenomenal Nirav Patel, a fine art photographer, based out of San Francisco. Drawn to ‘quiet moments’ as a form of self preservation from a very young age, Nirav still looks to moments of quiet when the world is turbulent. See why he chose this one image as his Game Changer below…

Isle of Skye Elopement

What Nirav Said…

“This image is from an intimate elopement where I first felt my ability to tell a story was taken to another level. I learned how a client’s complete trust in what I do could help me in creating something that completely aligns with the way I see the world and without any compromise. I always understood that it was important to find your unique voice in any creative industry and I felt like this story was the beginning of me getting closer to where I wanted to go with my body of work.”