Frame Within A Frame in Wedding Photography

Frame Within A Frame in Wedding Photography


Laura Mac

Frame Within A Frame in Wedding Photography

This week’s Farmers Image of the Week, captured by Laura Mac, serves as a brilliant reminder that a London wedding need not be confined to the purely urban; it can also embrace the city’s hidden natural enclaves. Laura’s photo captures a beautifully spontaneous interaction with this couple under an archway lush with greenery. It provides one of my favourite compositional tools – a frame within a frame. Laura uses this to draw the viewer’s eye directly to the joyous couple.

it’s this careful positioning that makes this image particularly striking. The arch of foliage frames the couple but also softens the urban environment, connecting the natural with the metropolitan. This duality reflects a London that is as much about its serene, hidden gardens as it is about its bustling, urban heart.

Laura’s ability to spot and use such a location within the busy context of a London Town Hall wedding is commendable. It highlights her keen eye and knack for creating a space for a couple to embrace being together. The couple’s joy is infectious, their movement and expressions perfectly timed.

Additionally, the choice of location speaks of the couple’s personality, suggesting they cherish both the vibrancy of the city and the tranquility of nature. It’s a reminder to all of us in wedding photography that our job is sometimes to find those unique spots that reflect the couple, and make it an experience.

Laura’s image exemplifies why we value creativity and a deep understanding of composition and location in wedding photography. It’s not just about capturing the couple; it’s about capturing their relationship with their surroundings. This image does that with elegance and a hint of playfulness, making it a deserving winner of Image of the Week.

A bride and groom dance for their wedding portraits, creating a beautiful frame within a frame


CAMERA: Canon R6 | 35mm | 1.4

SETTINGS: ISO200 | 1.8 | 1 / 500

PRESET: Sam Docker


“They were just so happy to be in this moment together.”

I have an obsession with finding charming little roads amongst the busy streets of London and this one has to be one of my top 5 photo spots. The couple loved this about my work and trusted the process.

When we arrived at Warren Mews I asked them to relax and take this time to enjoy being newlyweds. Talk, play and just make the most of being alone. They started to talk about the dress and it led to this. They were just so happy to be in this moment together.


Frame Within A Frame in Wedding Photography

It feels so unnatural to talk about my technique because I do not feel like a pro by any means.

But for this image in particular… I’d say, don’t be afraid to swap your lens during couple portraits. I usually stick to 50mm and 85mm but I knew I wanted to go wider to fit in more of the brickwork and greenery. The 35mm rarely comes out of my bag and working in London means you don’t get much time but I listened to my gut on this one and started wide, then swapped back to 50mm when I got the shot.

Also with any movement like this, I shoot in high continuous so I can choose the frame I prefer later. They also make great gifs!



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