Finding Your Style in Wedding Photography

Finding Your Style in Wedding Photography

Finding Your Style In Wedding Photography

In the ever-competitive industry that we are currently working in, distinguishing your work by finding your style in wedding photography is essential if you want to book clients that you feel a connection with. Amidst the huge sea of talent and creativity out there, how do you ensure that your photography attracts the right couples for you whilst also distinctly echoing your perspective? It’s about more than just taking pictures; it’s about telling stories that resonate deeply, both with you and your audience. Let’s dive deeper into how to refine your unique style, drawing inspiration from within the wedding photography industry without getting lost in it.

“Quantity Leads To Quality”

Embrace Influence with Intention

Unless you eliminate all wedding photography accounts from your feed, it’s very difficult not to let your admiration for others’ work seep into what you produce. I say this as someone who is decades into a career in wedding photography so I think this happens at any level but perhaps especially when you are new and trying to find your feet. It’s natural to be drawn to the style of photographers whose work makes your heart skip a beat. But rather than merely mimicking their approach, dissect what exactly about their work speaks to you. Is it their use of natural light, their candid capturing of emotions, or their composition? Use these elements as a springboard for your experimentation. Remember, the goal isn’t to replicate but to spark your creative exploration. 

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The Power of Experimentation To Find Your Style In Wedding Photography

Exploration is key to finding your unique voice. Try different styles, techniques, and even genres of photography. Each shoot can be a playground for trying out new ideas. I recently joined a ballet shoot, just to step out of my comfort zone and the wedding industry for this exact reason. Don’t shy away from failures – embrace them because they are just as valuable as successes in teaching you what works and what doesn’t. This process will gradually refine your preferences and techniques, leading you towards a style that feels authentically yours. Do this at the beginning and any time you feel confused or overly influenced by what others are doing.

Reflecting on Your Values and Interests

Your personal experiences, values, and interests inevitably influence your work. Take time to reflect on these aspects of yourself. What themes are you drawn to? What emotions do you aim to evoke with your images? Understanding this can guide you in making choices that align with your unique perspective, ensuring your work is a true reflection of you. The music you listen to, the films or shows you watch, the books and magazines you read tell stories so become conscious of which ones contribute to your inspiration bank and your aesthetic.

Your Portfolio Is Your Narrative

Your portfolio tells a story, not just of the work you photograph, but of your evolution as a photographer. Think about the narrative you want your work to convey. This doesn’t mean every wedding or shoot needs to look the same, but there should be a cohesive thread that ties your work together. This could be your approach to color, your focus on candid moments, or how you play with light and shadows. This narrative becomes your signature, making your work recognisable.

Seeking and Applying Feedback

Join photography communities, or local groups, or find a mentor. Present your work and be open to feedback. Sometimes, others can see unique elements in your work that you might take for granted. Constructive criticism is invaluable for growth, but so is positive feedback that affirms your strengths. Balancing both can help you fine-tune your style.

Regular Review and Refinement

Make it a habit to review your portfolio periodically. Look for recurring patterns, techniques, or subjects that stand out. Over time, you’ll start to see what defines your photography. This continuous process of reflection and refinement is crucial in developing and maintaining a strong, consistent voice that you are proud to present to the world. I aim to review my own portfolio every three months to ensure that it reflects my current style.

Authenticity Over Trends

This is coming from the girl who predicts trends in wedding photography each year, and loves to see our industry shift and evolve – Hell, you do it for long enough and stuff that you did the first time around starts to make a return – Just as I’m wearing Addidas Gazelles again, I’m also reviving the 90s love of Dutch Tilt in wedding photography. Straight is overrated, right? Now while I believe it’s important to stay current, chasing trends can dilute your unique voice. Authenticity always resonates more powerfully than conformity. Stay true to your vision, even when it diverges from the mainstream. It’s fine to have fun with trends but your voice is what sets you apart and attracts clients who value what you offer.

Embrace Growth

Finding and honing your unique style is an ongoing exploration. It involves constant learning, adapting, and evolving. Celebrate your growth, be patient with your progress, and remember that each step brings you closer to the truest expression of your photography style. Quantity leads to quality so always shoot more than what you are booked for, shooting for fun and my portfolio is how I’ve maintained a passion for this career for over two decades and defined and refined my style every step of the way.

For every wedding photographer out there, remember that your voice is your most powerful piece of kit. It’s the lens through which you view the world, and it shapes how the world views you. Keep pushing boundaries, stay true to your vision, and let your unique voice shine through.



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