Hey, we are super excited that you want to join us at Farmers Market 15-16th October in Brighton. This is a small bespoke show aimed solely at the working professional photographer and videographer.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to chat through the options or fill out the form below to go ahead and book.


We have these basic options on Stands for you ..

  • THE GOOD 8x6ft / 4.45sqm £1000
  • THE RAD 10x7ft / 7.4sqm £1500
  • THE DOWNRIGHT AWESOME 12x10ft / 11.2sqm £2000

Got a more modest budget? We can split space just to get you in the room or if you want to blow the budget we have some premium spots that we can happily talk to you about.

VIRTUAL SPONSORSHIP Maybe you are based on the other side of the planet and won’t make it to the event. We’d still love to connect you with creative photographers. We can show your filmed content in between presentations and still include everything below. £500

All stands and virtual sponsors will also benefit from adding their promotional material to our famous Farm Goody Bags, a linked ad on our site and mentions in our newsletters and social channels.

  • Average Age 25-35.
  • The majority are full time working Pros who do not have formal education in photography. Instead they are self-taught and seeking the fast track.
  • 20% are from Europe outside of the UK.
  • 5% are based in the US.
  • 70% are female.
  • They are community minded, active on social media and looking to find their niche in the more creative and alternative parts of the industry.
  • They invest in their brand and products that they perceive to have provenance and that will help them to stand out in a busy market.


Lisa Devlin

Lisa Devlin

Boss of Learning

Devlin Photos

Gillian Lawtie

Gillian Lawtie

Boss of Trade

The Curries