How was your Easter break? For me, it meant my first wedding of the year and all the nerves that go with that but it also felt great to be back shooting one of those extraordinary days for people. I didn't have a chance to do a pre-wedding shoot with this couple so we started the day as strangers but by the end, I felt like we were old friends. That is one of my favourite things about this job. Now we are well into April, it also means that a lot of the Farmers are super busy with weddings again.

Looking through the Facebook stream of their posts, I can see it's suddenly packed full of wedding sneak peeks and blog posts. This week, this image from Zoë Campbell really stood out. It's not a complex image but its elegant clarity, great composition and fantastic use of the stunning location makes it a winner. If your couple have chosen a venue with beautiful scenery like this, then your role is to reflect that back and Zoë has done this in the most romantic way.