We have arrived back from an incredible Farm Week with new friends and a renewed creativity from spending time with like-minded and inspirational people. I'm itching to get shooting again and make some changes in my business. If you are feeling a bit daunted by the year ahead or stuck in a rut, I highly recommend booking on a workshop or just getting together with some photographer friends to kick back and chat industry chat. Meantime it's back to business as usual and time for Image of the Week. This week's choice was easy for me.. as soon as I saw this image from Lisa Jane, I stopped everything and pulled it up big on my screen just to take it all in. 

This to me is what creative wedding photography is all about. Stepping back, taking in your environment and spotting that epic shot but not in any sense forgetting that you are working to a client brief. The couple are connected, they are the focus of the frame but the surroundings add a new layer as do the other people. This is damn cool and one of those shots that you will only see when you learn not to panic shoot, to take your time and to shoot with the creative mind.

We are thrilled that Lisa will be talking on this very subject at our upcoming Elements workshop in Birmingham on 22-23rd of April. She will also be leading us in a couple shoot so we can see how she works and how we can improve our own approach.