Someone asked me this week what the criteria is for choosing these winning images. It's simple really, I go through all the Farmers' social media posts, keeping up to date with their progress and looking for something that stands out. It might be a sneak peek on their Facebook page or it might be a link to their blog that I then explore more. This week, I've noticed that some of our Farmers who have gone on to be our mentors have been blogging weddings that they shot last summer. This strategy ensures that your blog looks busy and spreads your content out over the year.

This can be very effective in attracting new clients now, when they are more likely to be looking for their photographer. This is how come I spotted this Farmers Image of the Week from Lisa Jane. It is from a recent blog post but I assume the wedding was last summer. Lisa is fantastic at documenting weddings with intent and a quiet approach but she is also amazing with couple shoots. What I adore about this particular image is that it a genuine hug, a moment of unselfconscious connection between them. It's not a 'pose' and that is an incredible talent, to bring this out of couples. 

Lisa is teaching our Wedding Photography Boot Camp this time next week at Farm Week 15. It is almost full but if you are looking to improve both your business and shooting skills, then she would love to have you there.