Things are crazy busy around here as we prepare for Farm Week. This is the biggest event in our calendar and we pour our hearts and souls into creating a unique learning experience for you. This year we have put on a timetable designed to both inform and inspire you. These are small workshops so you really get all that you can from the mentor or the topic. As well as masterclasses with some of the world's best photographers, we also offer more practical classes to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. We often find that a lot of 'self-taught' photographers struggle with flash so we offer some very hands-on workshops with our brilliant mentor Adam Bronkhorst

What I love about these classes is that people often come to us because they feel that they have to learn a bit of flash to be able to shoot speeches or the first dance but they are maybe not that thrilled about it all. However so many people leave Adam's classes with a new found enthusiasm for flash and the creative possibilities it can have. After mastering the basics in his other flash class, Lindsey from Mack Photography attended Adam's Advanced Flash workshop in Glasgow at the end of last year and I see that she has been embracing some of the techniques that she picked up there. I really like this shot and how something quite simple can be really stunning. He still has a couple of spaces on this class at Farm Week if you want to step up your game with flash.