What makes a photograph outstanding? For me I would have to say that it is connected to the reaction it evokes in the viewer. I look at so many wedding images these days, so for something to truly stand out for me it really does have to be exceptional in some way. Sometimes it is the technical aspects that intrigue me and sometimes it is the narrative or the emotional elements that draw me to an image. However, I think this image by the wonderful Sassy of Assassynation has intrigue in all of those areas. It reminds me so much of Martin Parr.

I love the framing, I love the story-telling, I love the context, the sense of anticipation and the social history involved for the subjects. A lot of photographers become associated with one particular style in weddings. This might work for you, I do believe that finding your own niche works really well in an over-saturated market. However styles evolve and so as photographers we always should too. I think Sassy is doing just that in her work and really well but above and beyond any style, emotion will always be in fashion with wedding photography and if you can capture that well, then you will always succeed.