It's cold, it's raining or snowing or sleeting or just generally a bit glum out there so here is a superb Farmers Image of the Week to cheer us all up. One of our Farm Week Mentors Neil Thomas Douglas talks about the 'One for the Road Shot' when he teaches his class on shooting couples. It's the end of your coverage, you've done all the official shots including the couple shoot earlier in the day but before you leave, how about setting up one more shot? The pressure is off, the couple are relaxed, the scary bits are done and you have plenty of time to look around the venue to see if something creative comes to mind and even pop off a few test shots before grabbing the couple.

I imagine that this is exactly what the brilliant Gail Kelly has done here. This looks like a fairly low key wedding and the reception is in this sweet little Scottish pub. A lot of photographers would struggle to find this inspiring if they are used to the grander venues but I'm a firm believer that there is always that epic shot, if you open your creative mind. I just adore how this shot captures their venue, the personalities of the couple and the time of year. It's a simple shot but most of us would have missed it. This is a great example of a Farmer putting what they have learned with us into practice with fantastic results. Neil is teaching his Rock It 2.0 workshop with us at Farm Week next month and has a couple of spots left.