Styled shoots... there seems to be a backlash against them now. I think this is simply because far too many not great ones have been done and so the whole thing seems filtered down. Photography is a lot like the music industry, very few people come up with something truly original or fresh and once that is a hit, a lot of others will imitate. I admit, I find a lot of styled shoots a bit pointless and boring but I still think there is a place for them. Not least because as a photographer, they give you the chance to be creative away from the pressure of a wedding day.

So this week, I spotted this incredible shot from Rebecca Douglas. It is from a styled shoot/collaboration that she did in Paris. I can see that Rebecca is always exploring techniques that she is mastering and themes that interest her. There is a relevance to the process and she has ended up with some stunning photos that are worth braving the cold night air for. Styled shoots can be a fantastic way to build your portfolio and your skill set so yes I do still think they are worth doing.. just be original and creative!

Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography -