Alright, I know another Nan pic?! But this image is just so darn sweet, I had to choose it. Shot by the super talented Millie and Jo from Millie Benbow Photography, based up in The Cotswolds. They seem to specialise in images with understated charm and intimacy that only come about when the subjects are really comfortable with the photographer. This is a great skill and I always feel like I know the families a little when I view their blog posts.

I love the sense of place and home life in this frame, that Nana's chair surrounded by special photos including weddings past, I love the everyday-ness of the books, the TV remote, the Sunday supplement with David Gandy's torso on the cover. I love her expression and how the extraordinariness of a wedding touches our lives and the joy that comes from that special day for those involved. I wish you all a very happy new year and want to say thanks to all our amazing Farmers.