Well this has to be a first for Image of the Week... I think this is our first Nana. To see your children's children grow up must be one of life's great pleasures. To see your granddaughter that you first saw as a baby become a bride must be magic, so I always love to take images of the grandparents at weddings. I even sat next to the Grandma at the meal at Kerry & Kev's wedding this summer and was treated to her hilarious stories of her life as a wedding photographer's wife. I love that connection to our social history that Grandparents bring to a wedding. So I think this shot by Nikki Leadbetter of the bride seeing her Gran just before her ceremony is so moving. 

It is all too easy as a wedding photographer, to focus on the young and those 'blog-worthy' details but these moments are the memories that will be treasured, long after the latest wedding trend has become passe. Years ago I shot a wedding with a videographer who thought he was Cecil B DeMille and tried to direct everyone into emotional moments. It was really naff and forced. I'm so happy that we have all moved on and wedding photography and videography is usually more natural and real. This is simply a beautiful photograph of an historic moment in these two women's lives. I love the light on the gran's face and all the narrative in this one frame so well done Nikki, this is exceptional.