How are you coping with the challenges of winter? Although the elements can be against you sometimes, there is also a magic quality to winter light at times. I've seen some incredible sunrises and sunsets and I know you have too, they are all over my instagram feed. I'm also enjoying seeing what the Farmers come up with at this time of year. Some of them shoot other genres as well as weddings, like Sarah Ann Wright who shoots fashion and beauty. Her work is stunning and I'm often very inspired by looking at it. 

Sarah is very self motivated and travels all over to create her shoots. This one with the beautiful model Twig was shot on the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland and you should have a look at the full shoot. The road has become quite renowned after featuring as The Kings Road in Game of Thrones but Sarah has taken her inspiration from The Woman in Black and the resulting series of images are intriguing and graceful. I think what I love about this particular one though is that winter light, hitting those ancient trees and bringing an eerie quality to the scene.