What a week! Just as I think things might get a little quiet with The Farmers, one of them took a really very extraordinary photo. When this couple booked the hotel for their wedding, they could never have predicted that an international rock star would take to the stage and join their wedding band for a number. But that is exactly what did happen. The legendary Roger Daltrey from The Who was staying at the hotel in Glasgow and persuaded by one of their guests to get up on stage for an impromptu performance. How much do you think that wedding band wished they'd practiced a few Who numbers beforehand? Neil Thomas Douglas was the wedding photographer and of course he took some brilliant images including this great shot. What an amazing story for all involved.

When word got around the next day, the press showed an interest and pretty quickly Neil realised that there was a commercial opportunity. When you end up with newsworthy images, it's easy to lose your cool. Things can escalate pretty quickly and by it's nature, the press want images fast and will often just take them from an online source with or without permission. But if you play the game right, you can be one step ahead which is what Neil did and why he now has a nice little unexpected Christmas bonus. The story has gone global and was even trending yesterday on Facebook. We are thrilled that Neil is one of our Farm Week Mentors, he is teaching Rock It 2.0, a class on working with couples to get extraordinary images. He is also joining Adam on his Commercial Photography Workshop to do a guest talk about how he dealt with this situation and how he made the best of it financially.