This week, the winning image was chosen by Adam Bronkhorst, our resident Flash and lighting expert. We spent a few days last week in Belfast, working with a whole new bunch of Farmers in an amazing penthouse apartment overlooking the city. We had incredible views and woke up one morning to an dramatic mist that came up with the sun. It was very much like the scene in Dracula when his ship arrives into Whitby and Adam told me about this shot that Hannah Webster from Lifeline Photography had posted of a couple who had a gothic Victorian themed wedding. This must have been a fun wedding to shoot anyway but when that mist came up, it couldn't have been better planned. 

Hannah's images are great from the whole day but this shot really does make the best of the drama of it all. Adam is brilliant at teaching flash in a very non technical way and I think this is why his classes are so popular. Once you understand the principals of flash and off camera flash, then you can have a lot of fun getting creative about it. A lot of people come to the class, just wanting to improve their skills but quite a few, like Hannah then go away and really embrace flash and what can be achieved with it. This couple must be utterly thrilled with this shot.

Adam is offering classes on Flash and Lighting at Farm Week 15 if you want to make friends with your flash.