We are currently in London teaching one of our last Elements workshops of the year. It has been amazing to get out around the UK and meet so many new Farmers. I hope that our training has helped many photographers at all different levels. Our idea with Elements is simple, to take 'elements' of what we teach at the Farm and teach the photographers about flash, lighting, shooting and the business side of photography. We will host our last one of the year next week in Belfast and that is where we first met Francis Meaney.

This shot popped up on his Facebook page this week and there are several things that I love about it. This time of year, the weather can limit your options as a wedding photographer so being able to embrace shooting indoors is a great skill. Sometimes stripping it all back can create something with a lot of impact so I really like how simple this shot is and how well executed it is. It is very editorial as opposed to traditional 'wedding'. But above everything I love their gestures.... this bride is totally in charge.