So you know that I said last week was the toughest week yet to judge Image of the Week? I'm still thinking of some of the incredibly strong images that I saw from Farmers then. I have now started a Facebook List of them all and if you are interested, you can follow it too. Overall, they are at a lot of different stages but part of reaching any kind of level of success is making sure that your images are seen. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding some tutorials into The Barn about posting images and links on Facebook to maximise your reach so if you want to learn a couple of nifty tricks, make sure that you look out for them. Back to this week's winner.. I actually saw this image last week but they are my rules and I will bend them a little if I want to. 

This was shot by Christine Wehrmeier who attended our last residential Photography Farm where we had a relatively small group so we got to know each other pretty well. I love seeing what people shoot and which directions they go off in when they leave us and I think this one frame explores quite a lot of Christine's passions. It is very editorial, very serene and the lighting is reminds me of  a Vermeer painting. However, the reason I think it is a winning shot is that Christine has just taken that extra bit of care with the framing, looked for what else could be done and Pow! That is where she spotted the epic. Those reflections within reflections in the mirror take this shot to a whole other level of awesome.