Farmers Image of the Week #70

This week was another busy one for the Farmers. They still seem to be jetting off all over for weddings and it’s fantastic to see all their sneak peeks on Facebook. This contest runs all year, mostly just because it’s fun and a little bit of an incentive for them to keep posting on their social media. However, I also want to encourage them all to think epic.. to open their minds as to watch else could be achieved apart from what is within their comfort zones. As wedding photographers, our clients want us to direct them, they want to collaborate on ideas and they choose us as they believe in our creative vision. So sometimes that takes a little pre-planning. The ‘Love Plane’ Banksy is up in Liverpool where the lovely Jade from Gasp Photography shot this wedding. I assume it wasn’t right beside the wedding venue so they planned this shot in advance. It is fun, it is whimsical and it looks like it really captures this couple’s personalities as well as an iconic part of our culture and the city. I’m sure even Banksy himself would crack a smile!