I strongly believe that shooting personal projects is vital to exercise your creative brain. Most of us are busy, especially through the summer so finding time for them can be hard but if you do, they should not only boost your general skills but also keep you feeling inspired for all of your work. So I was thrilled to see this image by the super talented Sassy from Assassynation. Last year she won the category “Best Use of Location” in Farmers Awards for an image that she shot at her friend’s wedding. What we loved about that image was the feeling that there was so much narrative in the frame and we thought it expressed that excitement of a wedding from the bride’s point of view. So shooting the same girl in the same dress away from the wedding day will be a very different end product. What I love about this picture is that it is expressing a very different narrative. It is ethereal, romantic and has a stillness to it. Well done to Sassy for making the time to shoot this and for embracing the landscape and the elements.