Some weeks there is just that one killer image that stands head and shoulders above everyone else’s and it makes the job of choosing a winner much easier for me. Adam Bronkhorst might now be my wing man when it comes to teaching at Photography Farm but he started out as an attendee at my first ever workshop in early 2011, so is one of the very first Farmers. He is the total opposite of me as a photographer and we joke about this all the time. He is Nikon/F11/Flash/controlled set ups. I’m Canon/F2/available light/emotional set ups. However we have a mutual respect for each other’s work and I believe this gives the Farmers that attend our joint workshops a diverse view on how weddings can be shot. He is also pretty darn competitive and loves when he wins this, ha! Well this week I have chosen this image for a few reasons. I think it shows off how effective his shooting preferences can be.. I know this is Nikon, it’s probably F11, it’s lit with flash and he will have controlled this set up. I totally love this couple’s style and the posing but more than anything I chose it as I’m so jealous that I didn’t shoot this wedding!