Farmers Image of the Week #67

I adore New York and would love to shoot a wedding there so I was looking forward to seeing what Farmer Lydia Stamps came up with on her recent trip there to do just that. Of course she did a great job and I could have chosen any one of her sneak peeks but I’m super drawn to this one. Last time I went to NYC, I had been invited to speak at the amazing B&H Event Space. I was incredibly shocked afterwards to encounter some negative comments as I had included a couple of images featuring same sex couples. So this image of her beautiful couple in a diner just being natural and in love really appeals to me. On first glance it’s not even an obvious wedding image, it could be a film still and the wedding guests are positioned about as the extras. There is narrative here and that feeling that you want to know more of the story. As a stand alone image I think this is epic and that little bit of light dancing around in the lower right of the frame really brings the whole thing to life.