This week’s winning image by one of the founding Farmers, the very lovely Sarah Reeve really is special. Every single photographer that has been to the Farm will recognise this lovely, kooky old farmhouse, but have you ever seen it look so fancy? I’ve been there in snow, in springtime, in high summer and early autumn but I’ve never been there when the wisteria is out. This cute little car and perfect couple make it a very pretty picture and it really cheered up my morning to see this. All of us have walked through that wonky little door for the first time full of nerves and anticipation but we have all reluctantly left after a magical photography experience with friends for life and inspiration bursting from our heads. In September it will be the three year anniversary of that very first Photography Farm, where Sara was one of 8 strangers that came to that place and all brought their own magic. We will be hosting another Farm on the 9-11th and I can’t wait to see who comes through the door..

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