Farmers Image of The Week #51

As wedding photographers, some shots are absolutely essential to take but they are not always the easiest. I’m pretty sure EVERY bride wants a great shot of her walking down the aisle but hasn’t pictured that moment with a wedding photographer running backwards in front of her. We can’t stop the action or stage a moment like this to get the best photograph of it so one of the biggest challenges we face is being able to get these pivotal shots while also not getting in the way. Marc Lawson.. one of our Irish Farmers has more than nailed it with this image taken at Armagh Cathedral. I imagine that those grand doors opened and the whole cathedral fell silent for a moment, then the wedding march trumpeted out and this Daddy walked his precious daughter down the aisle. The atmosphere in this image is electric, the framing is perfect.. the central column of light and the silhouettes recreate how dramatic this moment was.. amazing! Next week will be the last image before our first awards ceremony.. eeekkkk!