Farmers Image Of The Week #45

What an historic week it has been in the wedding industry.. Equal marriage for gay couples came into being and that was the cue for lots of ceremonies last weekend. A few of the Farmers were out shooting them but this sneak peek really stood out for me. Millie Benbow and her partner Jo shoot and live together and I’ve been a big fan of their work since before we even met at the last Farm. They shot this wedding on Saturday and I just love the connection the couple have in this. One of the questions that comes up quite often at the Farm is how do you shoot couples that are a little bit different? Well aren’t every couple a bit different? But they are all in love and that is what we as photographers are there to capture. This image simply shows that.. two people on their wedding day in love.. forget the history or the news stories.. love is love and marriage is marriage.

Millie Benbow Photography_Issy + Annie-2