Farmers Image Of The Week #43

Photography Farm has been officially going since 2011 and we have had some truly awesome photographers come to us in that time for training and nurturing. We cannot help but feel super proud when they continue in their photographic journeys into new realms of amazingness afterwards. One of our truly outstanding Farmers has to be Sassy from Assassynation… I have lost count of the amount of times that she has picked up this award now and her passion is infectious. Last week saw Sassy’s first ever workshop held up in Birmingham and from all accounts it was literally mind blowing for all those that attended. Some of her fellow Farmers joined her and the shoots looked utterly phenomenal. Sassy, my hat goes off to you and this week’s award winning image is from one of those Farmer attendees, the super talented Kerry Diamond. I am dying to see the rest of this shoot but for now here is Kerry’s beautiful Sneak Peek… WOWZERS!!!!