Nicola from Images By Nica is one of our lovely Northern Irish Farmers. When I saw this shoot pop up in my Facebook feed, I wanted to see what she had done with the gorgeous landscape of the Mountains of Mourne. I grew up in Northern Ireland and will always love the mountains. This is a fairly simple engagement shoot but it not only gives you a sense of that beautiful landscape, it also gives you a sense of the couple and what brings them to this moment in time. The whole shoot is gorgeous but the stand out image for me is this one… I love the ominous sky ~ we don’t get those 40 shades of green in Ireland without all the rain..  and I also love the pose and how lost in the moment they seem. It reminds me of Paula O’Hara‘s inspiring talk at our Belfast workshop where she said that you don’t get epic landscape shots without being prepared to climb mountains.

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