Farmers Image Of The Week #38

What a week! Lots of us descended on a little Farmhouse deep in the countryside and immersed ourselves in five days of intensive learning, sharing, giggling, crying, power ballads, cornflake boxing ( I know… I’d never heard of it either!) and stepping out of comfort zones. We opened our eyes, our hearts and our minds. Farm Week happens just once a year and for everyone that came, I hope you had a least a small flavour of how utterly magical and creative a space the Farm can be. One of my favourite things from this year has been the little spontaneous shoots that happen in between all the official workshops. One thing a lot of us will take away from the whole experience is that it is imperative to be brave if you want to be a creative force. Some things work out and some things don’t but opening the door is the only way to see what is on the other side. Some of us decided to strip things right back, including these two Farmers. Alexa Clarke-Kent asked Zoe Campbell to model for her and the resulting images shot down in the pool house, have that sense of playful freedom that sums up what Farm Week is all about for me. If you are feeling a bit stuck, get together with one or more of your photography buddies ~ talk, absorb, explore …. then shoot with an open mind… just for the hell of it ~ I dare you!